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Electrical Work in Los Angeles CA

Pure Builders Inc. provides a broad range of electrical repair services in Los Angeles CA for both residential and business properties. For many years, we have been providing an excellent service and offering a high level of expertise. These are some of the Los Angeles electrical repair services that we offer: a broken outlet and switch repair, electrical code violations, damaged wiring repair, flickering lights, many blown fuses or tripped breakers and so on.

Overloaded or broken outlets, switches and wiring, can be dangerous. At Pure Builders Inc., our specialists are knowledgeable in all types of electrical wiring. We can detect a fault and fix all kinds of home electrical power outlets. Our qualified electricians can inspect your system and ensure all its components are operating properly and are up to all codes.


If your wires are damaged, it can cause an electrical fire. You need to call an electrician as soon as possible to keep yourself and your property out of a fire hazard. To avoid such problems in the future, we also offer preventive maintenance services.

When calling Pure Builders Inc., you can rest assured that our technicians will do a proper diagnostic check of your system and find what causes the flickering lights. Then they will quickly eliminate the problem to guarantee that your home appliances and valuable electronics are safe.

We also offer the replacement of out-of-date fuses and breakers with the newest units that will give you a deserved peace of mind. Be aware that work with fuses and circuit breakers require experienced professionals only. All electrical work in Los Angeles CA must conform to local electrical and building codes. To avoid any troubles, please contact Pure Builders Inc. today!

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