Plumbing & Re-piping


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Plumbing & Re-piping

At “Home Remodeling California”, we know that many homes still have old pipes in their plumbing systems, and this can cause serious problems. Nowadays homeowners have to choose between copper and plastic pipes since they both have their own unique benefits. Our re-piping experts can replace any pipe in your plumbing system, so it will be greatly improved, and you will not face such problems as leaks and so on.

All of our Riverside re-piping experts are certified and professionally trained. Every plumbing work we perform has a license behind it. When hiring us, you will always get quality plumbing repairs. We realize the importance of a plumbing system, so we always work to get the job done as quickly as possible, without compromising quality.

If your pipes are not to the local and national codes, it can be a big problem if you decide to sell your property. If you have these problems with your plumbing, our re-piping professionals can replace such piping to eradicate them.


Replacing cold and hot water lines in your home can be a perfect solution for any piping problems. Copper or plastic pipes can bring you a peace of mind that the plumbing in your home is up to modern standards. New piping is the best solution to help avoid such issues as a low water pressure, leaks, and a low quality of water.

If you think your home needs re-piping, please contact “Home Remodeling California” right away. We will consult you about all kinds of plumbing and re-piping works and provide you with a free estimate prior to performing any work.


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