Garage Conversion

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Garage Conversions

At “Home Remodeling California”, we offer garage conversion services in Riverside, CA and the surrounding areas. With the knowledge and experience in the construction business, we provide our customers with all services related to garage conversion projects, from the initial inquiry to completion.

The services we offer are perfect for ground floor bedrooms plus suite if necessary; kitchens or utility rooms, offices or game rooms; family rooms, study rooms or dining rooms. With a free consultation and estimate, we ensure all customers achieve the optimal garage conversion for their homes, transforming their unused garage into a functional living room considering their needs. Our skilled crew of tradesmen delivers an absolute peace of mind, performing your garage conversion project on time, and on budget.

All of our Riverside garage conversions are completed in accordance to federal standards, with the utmost quality. At “Home Remodeling California”, we are proud of ourselves in completing all garage conversions in accelerated timeframes. We work efficiently, without a hassle to guarantee a high quality end result. Depending on the size of the garage we usually complete the project within 2-4 weeks. Significant changes to your building’s structure must be completed in full alignment with the necessary building regulations. Our team works hard to ensure that your job site is secure and fully regulated.


Each garage conversion project we undertake is unique. We offer our customers excellent building materials from trusted suppliers and a creative design where every detail is designed and crafted in a scholastic manner and the remodeled garage is seamlessly transformed to a new comfortable and functional space that is uniquely yours.


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