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“Home Remodeling California” is a full-service residential and commercial contractor that has been providing exclusive roofing and roof repair services in the Riverside area. With the decades of work in the roofing and exterior installation business, we are able to deliver excellent and the most professional results to our customers each and every time! We offer only high quality materials and provide the expert level services. If you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor in Riverside, please contact us right away!

At “Home Remodeling California”, we offer a unique expertise and provide with a top notch customer service that we are well known for in Riverside. Our workmanship and your satisfaction is the mark of pride for us. We have spent over three decades improving our skills and we apply all these roofing knowledge to every project we undertake. In the roofing business, reputation comes first, and we uphold ours no matter how big or small the scope of work is.


We offer our customers to make one of the most important investments for their home. Our consultants will help you choose the best solution for your property as well as for your budget.

At “Home Remodeling California”, we take pride in providing full customers’ satisfaction from the first consultation through the completion of the project. Our well trained crew is available to do whatever you need to make you absolutely satisfied. We won’t leave you residence until the job is accomplished. We not only promise to get the job done on time, but we actually do it. You can count on us for quality roofing services.

Riverside Roofing Services

In Riverside, we supply a wide variety of roofing installation and maintenance services. Across the Riverside area, we build in new roofing for residential and commercial roofing projects. “Home Remodeling California” also re-roofs in the San Bernadino- Riverside metroplex.

We provide professional inspection and repairs throughout the Riverside area. Facing a problem after a storm? Call “Home Remodeling California”. We’ll inspect it and fix it if necessary. We’ve earned a great reputation for our customer service over the last 30 years. Call us and you’ll see why.

For new construction projects in the San Bernadino-Riverside area, “Home Remodeling California” is your one stop choice for all your home remodeling construction projects. From design to roofing in Riverside, our crews are some of the areas best craftsmen. Your home deserves that and our reputation is built on that.


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